best ring light for youtube

The Best Ring Light for YouTube Videos in 2020

Finding the best ring light for YouTube is one of the most important aspects to up your video quality.

When it comes to making YouTube videos, you may have heard lots of established vloggers say content is king. Indeed, it is the quality of your content (and niche) that will attract fans and subscribers to your channel.

YouTube is a global platform with thousands of content creators in every niche. Therefore, whatever niche you choose, or whichever kind of content you produce, be aware that you’re not the only fish in the sea. It is the little things you do – your editing techniques, sound and lighting quality, etc. that set you apart from the competition.

best ring light for youtube

Good lighting is important when making YouTube videos, as it illuminates your subjects, and makes your video watchable. Investing in good quality lighting equipment, (of course, in addition to a great camera) is a must if you want your channel to grow.

If you’re a newbie, it’s possible that you don’t know the type of lights to buy, or where to look, but that’s what we’re here for. In this post, I’ll review 10 different ring lights, and hopefully, you’ll be able to settle on the best ring light for YouTube, based on your budget and preferences.

As the name suggests, ring lights are lights with circular shapes. Due to their shape, they’re able to produce more light in all directions, which effectively eliminates shadows when shooting videos.

If you want to become a YouTuber, whether you are looking for a budget lamp or a sophisticated light for your fashion shoots, you will certainly like the following list of 10 of the best ring lights for YouTube videos:

Best Ring Light for YouTube Comparison Table

Flashpoint 13′ 600W 5500K Fluorescent Ring Light

Flashpoint 13' Vlogger Light AC

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The Flashpoint 13′ 600W 5500K light is an excellent option if you’re looking for a functional light that won’t leave your wallet dry. It’s quite big, with a 13-inch diameter, which means it’s super bright, even at a low setting. To control light intensity, there’s a dedicated control key.

This lamp also allows you to choose your favorite light colors, courtesy of its 5500K color temperature function. Admittedly, the Flashpoint Ring Light doesn’t have as many features as some of the other lights in this list. This makes it quite popular among newbie vloggers.

Neewer Ring Light Kit

Neewer Ring Light Kit

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The Neewer Ring Light provides the perfect lighting for both outdoor and indoor shoots, thanks to its dynamic and high quality orange and white color filter. It also contains a dimming function (great for outdoor shoots), a diffuser for natural daylight, and also produces a very bright flash.

The Neewer Light also has a soft tube cam that enables you to freely rotate the light to find the best position. Also included in the Newer Light kit are a light stand, Hot Shoe Adapter, and an extra-long cord.

Yongnuo YN608RGB RGB SMDLED Video Light


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The YongnuoYN608RGB SMD LED lamp is arguably the Best Ring Light for YouTube Videos in the market. The light is particularly great for live videos and beauty shots thanks to its variable color temperature output and 304 LEDs.

The lamp also has a unique shape that beams light at a 55-degree angle, which is useful in creating shadowless effects. Additional features include wireless control, a Color Rendering Index of 94, and multiple color modes.

CLAR Luminous Pro 19″ Bi-Color Ringlight Plus

CLAR Luminous Pro 19'

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This 19-inch, dimmable bi-color ring light is specially designed for fashion and closeup shots. It is lightweight, which makes it ideal for outdoor shots, and contains variable color LEDs with an output of more than 3200K tungsten. It produces high quality, shadowless, and flicker-free light, which is ideal for most types of YouTube videos. The CLAR Ringlight is also easily adjustable, and consumes very little power. 

Smith-Victor 19″ Bi-Color LED Ring Light

Smith Bi Color Ring Light

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The Smith-Victor Bi-Color Ring Light is a premium lighting solution for all your sophisticated shoots. First off, it has a super high Color Rendering Index (95) and a wide diameter (19 inches) that allows it to project light to all angles, which is made even better by the 1-100% luminance adjustment control system.

It also has a digital color, brightness, and temperature regulation mechanism as well as a dimmable feature that lets you control the nature and quality of the emitted beam.

Diva Ring Light Super Nova

Diva Super Nova Ring Light

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The Diva Ring Light, which has an 18-inch diameter housing, produces a smooth, transient light that sparkles in the subject’s eyes, courtesy of its distinct shape.

Additionally, it contains a powerful 5400K bulb, a 20-100% dimmer that lets you control the beam in addition to a flicker-free shadow-free beam, which makes your scenes much clearer and improves video quality. The Diva Ring Light is also easily adjustable to whichever angle you want.

Yongnuo YN508 Bi-Color LED Ring Light

Yongnuo Ring Light

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This two-in-one light is adaptable to a wide range of situations, thanks to its dual power support modes and LED soft panel. On one hand, it can produce uniform, shadowless light – which is necessary for shootings almost all forms of YouTube videos, while, on the other hand, it is fully adjustable to a wide range of colors.

It can also be disassembled to produce two smaller LED lights in case you need light at different angles. Notably, this light requires DC power, and can alternatively be powered using NP-F750 series lithium batteries.

Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light

Neewer rl 12 ring light

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The Neewer RL 12-inch LED Ring Light is particularly ideal for fashion and glamour shoots, as it contains a high quality 5500K bulb, a dimmable light function, and comes with a makeup bag out of the box. Additionally, it has a soft tube, dynamic color filter, and a Bluetooth receiver, in case you want to use it with your smartphone or digital camera.

FotodioxFlapJack C-318RLS 10″ LED RingLight

FotodioxFlapJack ring light

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While it’s relatively smaller compared to most of the lights in this list, the Fotodiox FlapJack RingLight doesn’t produce a direct beam. Instead, its light is emitted from the outer edges, which then move through diffusers – resulting in a soft beam. Moreover, its color ranges from 3200K tungsten to 5600K, and has a digital control panel.

Savage Luminous Pro 19″ 96W Bi-Color LED Ring Light Plus

savage luminous ring light

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This light offers 10-100% dimmable function and contains layers of diffusers that soften the beam such that you only receive a soft, warm, and glowing light. Other features include color temperature range of 3200K-5500K, a CRI of 91 and compatibility with both AC and DC charging systems.

BONUS: Yongnuo YN128 II PortableLED Beauty Light with Integrated Cosmetic Mirror, Pink

Yongnuo YN128 II portable ring light

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The Yongnuo YN128 II is one of the best ring light for vlogging that’s available on a budget. The light is very portable, and has a dynamic 3200-5500K color temperature function (just like the best lights in the list) and can be adjusted to multiple angles.

It also has a CRI rating of 95, and can be controlled via a remote control and a mobile app. Furthermore, the YN128 contains a phone holder and can be charged with a standard USB cable.

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