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Best YouTube Tools to Grow Your Channel

If you are serious about YouTube and making a good profit from the platform, you need to have great YouTube tools by your side.

There are more than one billion people visiting the website on a monthly basis. With so many channels, you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. For those who ensure they get ahead of the competition, the opportunities on YouTube are endless.

Whether you are brand new to the platform or you have been on the social media site for a while, it’s vital that you keep improving. If your videos are top-notch with great editing and more, viewers are going to keep coming back for more. When you use the best YouTube tools, you are much more likely to succeed with this venture.

I put together this list to provide you with the best tools right at your fingertips. It’s very useful if you want to learn how to become a YouTuber or if you already have a channel and want to increase your views.

YouTube Tools for Video Creation and Promotion



Headliner is a great little platform for getting your online content noticed for all the right reasons. It helps you to easily create videos that show off exactly what you do.

You can add animations, gifs, text and anything else you want to get people clicking on your videos. Exposure is everything so don’t let this useful tool pass you by.



When it comes to tools for YouTubers, it is really important that you don’t overlook Camtasia.

It works on both MAC and Windows, allowing you to both create and edit your YouTube videos to your satisfaction. You can add all kinds of effects that will really take your content to the next level.



TikTok is the new platform that helps you to share your life and interests with family and friends. You can make short clips, taking full advantage of the special effects and other tools that are on offer.

You can use TikTok to improve your YouTube channel by sharing clips of your YouTube videos on TikTok and drive more views to your channel.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video

HippoVideo is a really innovative platform that allows you to do all kinds of different things with your content. You can do tasks such as video selling, video hosting and much more.

This really gives you a chance to connect with your customers, which is really important if you want to keep progressing as a YouTuber. HippoVideo always ensures it is staying up to date with the latest trends and by using it, you can do the same.


tools for youtubers Filmora

Make your videos from good to amazing with Filmora and you will see why it is one of the best YouTube tools on the market. It allows you to do all different kinds of things with your videos including adding special effects, trimming, cutting, adding text and much more. The sound features are known to be very good on Filmora and they include such details as removing background noise and generally cleaning up sound.

YouTube Tools for SEO and Analytics

SEO and Analytics for YouTubers are fundamental to grow your channel. These tools will help you increase your views and the good news is that most of them are free.

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio

YouTube themselves have an official tool and it’s called YouTube Studio. The video management tool will basically monitor what is going on in your channel and report anything of relevance. This includes analytics, filters and a quicker way to respond to comments.


youtube tools TubeBuddy

Start a vlog or running a successful YouTube channel isn’t always easy work and it can actually be very time-consuming. Think of TubeBuddy as literally your buddy who is there to help you out whenever you need it.

There is so much that you can do with this platform including managing your YouTube productivity, promotion in bulk, SEO and more. There are different packages on Tubebuddy so be sure to check them out and get whatever suits your needs best.

Morning Fame


With proper keyword research, your videos are going to bee much more successful than what you could have done alone, and Morning Fame is a platform that makes the daunting process so much easier. You can learn what is going on with your channel, what is working vs what isn’t working and much more. 

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

SEO tools for youtubers Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

It is so important that you use keywords to your advantage on YouTube but if it’s all a little confusing to you, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is a program that you need to be utilizing to make everything a little clearer.

This is a database that basically tracks the most popular keywords using different metrics from all over the world. This should help you know what you should be calling your videos and what keywords you should be featuring in order to get the most viewers.



Vidiq prides itself on providing the full package in helping grow your videos to be featured on the front page, which makes this one of the best YouTube tools available.

It allows you to easily look at how your channel has been performing amongst a bunch of different social networks. Some of the other things you can do include keyword research, analytics, productivity features and more.

Google Trends

Google Trends

Google and YouTube are very closely connected so Google Trends is a great platform to manage your YouTube account. The site lets you look at the current top searches on Google and more. 

YouTube Autosuggest

how to grow your youtube channel with youtube autosuggest

When you type something into the YouTube search, you get suggestions on what to finish the search with.

These are the most searched YouTube terms so using these as keywords in your videos if you are a YouTuber is a great idea and is a free way to do some keyword research easily. is an interesting tool that goes above and beyond typical keyword research. It searches through keywords you are typing, auto-suggested keywords and something is known as keyword scraping.

These keywords are then organized into 4 tabs as required for you to use. The free version is thorough enough but if you pay for the premium, you’ve got everything you could ever need in terms of keywords.

Social Blade

youtube tools Social Blade

Influencers from many different social media platforms use Social Blade and it can be enormously beneficial for you as a YouTuber.

You can improve your marketing strategy by checking statistics in terms of your subscriber count, video views and more.

There are many other features that Social Blade offers, which allows you to further analyze where the success lies within your channel. 

Graphics and Logos for Your Videos



To create high quality and professional-looking logos and banners, Canva should definitely be your go-to.

The banner is the first thing that people notice when they go to your YouTube channel, so you should make sure that it stands out.

There are so many different templates to use on Canva, even in basic mood, meaning that you are spoilt for choice! Try and make sure that your overall YouTube vibe is in sync with each other and use Canva to help you do that. 

YouTube Tools for Music

Premium Beat

youtube tools for music Premium Beat

Having music and sound effects on your videos might be vital at certain points. This is where the platform Premium Beat comes in.

Royalty-Free Stock music can be hard to find, but there is a wide range of music and it is all of the highest quality.

You can preview the different tracks and when you find one that is perfect for your needs, you can pay for it and it will be yours to use as you please.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound

Just like the previous in YouTube tools, Epidemic Sound is a place that you can get royalty-free tunes. It’s as easy as the touch of a button.

Music can really make your videos stand out! This site is a great platform to find exactly what you are looking for at affordable prices.

JTV Digital

JTV Digital

This is a must-have for those of you who are into music and share music on the platform.

JTV Digital lets you earn money every time your music is uploaded onto YouTube. This platform is super easy to use, and it’s a pretty awesome feeling when you know that people are even loving your music enough to feature it on their channels.



When people use your music on YouTube without your permission or a license, it could definitely lose you some profit.

Adrev helps users earn money when their music is used without permission. The tool also detects any plagiarism and helps you get your rights, and content back. 



CDbaby is another one for those of you who create music. It gives you money EVERY TIME your music is used on another video. Even if it’s just for a short while.

In addition to giving you a paycheck, CDbaby will help you gain more followers and a wider audience in general.

Learning Resources

YouTube Creators

YouTube Creators how to grow your youtube channel

The YouTube Creators channel is an amazing resource. It’s definitely one of the top tools for YouTubers.

You will learn so much about creating high-quality videos and you will also get to share/learn from other creators. This will help you grow substantially in terms of knowledge and talent. 

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