How to Come Up With Good YouTube Names

How to Come Up With Good YouTube Names

If you like creating video content and are looking for good YouTube names you’ve come to the right place.

Most successful YouTubers will tell you that the key to success is creativity in both content and titles, and that consistency is key.

Consistency doesn’t just mean having a regular posting schedule, but also having, and sticking to creative good YouTube names that reflect you, your channel (or channels if you have more than one) and your brand.

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Just think about the biggest and most popular YouTube channels right now, outside of celebrities. For instance, PewDiePie, Dude Perfect, Hola Soy German, and Cocomelon, all with tens of millions of subscribers, have very creative and catchy names that double up as their brand names.

And while you can always change your name when your channel blows up, it is important to know how to come up with catchy, and effective YouTube channel names that you don’t have to change later. Read on to find out our tips, and advice on the same. But first, let’s look at the importance of a good YouTube name. 

Why the Need of Good YouTube Names?

As mentioned earlier, your channel name has to be good and relevant, as it’s what people see when your content shows up on their feeds. Most people will not click on a link to a channel whose name is too long, written in a language they don’t understand, or contains an obscene word. 

Another reason why you need a good YouTube name is to make it easy for your fans to remember it, and subsequently search for it. For instance, a great name like PewDiePiesticks to the mind easily compared to generic names like ‘Healthy Juicing Tips for Weight Loss’. 

How to Come Up With Good YouTube Names

You also need to get your YouTube name right in the first try so you don’t keep changing it and confusing your followers. If you are an established channel, changing your name could lead to loss of views as casual viewers who may have heard your name on social media may not be able to identify your channel under a new name. 

Why is Your YouTube Name Important? 

How important your YouTube name depends on who you are, and what your channel is about.

If you are an artist or a business, your online brand is more or less defined by a good YouTube name, and so it should be as explicate as possible.

If your channel is about reviewing stuff, or lifestyle vlogging, your channel name essentially doubles up as a SEO tool and helps you attract visitors who are interested in the topics you cover. 

Your channel name also determines the way people perceive your channel, and consequently the actions they take in regards to it.

For instance, a channel titled ‘Peter’s Kitchen’ will be viewed much more seriously compared to one called ‘BBQkingpeter752’, which sounds somewhat unprofessional and ridiculous.

Nonetheless, it all depends on what you want to achieve with your channel. If you want to become a YouTuber, if you want people to take you seriously, and to make money from it, getting a professional-sounding channel name is important.

If, however, you are in it just for fun and to pass time, the name doesn’t matter as much. 

Choosing a Good YouTube Name Best Tips

Before deciding on a name for your YouTube channel, take a reflective pause, and consider all possibilities, and potential consequences of every name you are considering.

You don’t want to make a rash decision that you may end up regretting later. Here are some useful tips, and bits of advice to help you along:

Good YouTube Names Should Match Your Content 

Ideally, your channel name should give people clues into your content, or niche. For instance, if you post lots of travel content, you should go with a travel-related name like ‘Andrew Travels’, ‘Wandering Soul’, or ‘Expedia’. Similarly, if you are into exercise and working out, incorporate a sports or workout term into your channel name. 

Don’t Be Profane, or Vulgar 

Yes, some vulgar words may sound funny to you and your pals, but will considerably reduce the potential reach of your channel. And as mentioned earlier, for your YouTube channel to grow, your viewers have to share and spread the word about it, and you can bet there are not that many people willing to share a channel with an ‘embarrassing’ name on their social media pages. 

As Brian Dean (from Backlinko) says in this post your first step is to define the Channel Name category.

Is your YouTube channel about you vlogging? Then use your first and last name. (eg.: Casey Neistat)

Is it a channel to support your business? Use your brand name. (eg.: Ferrari)

Is it about a specific Category? Use it in your name (eg.: POPSUGAR Fitness)

Finally, you can also use a Descriptive name that highlight your content (eg.: 5-Minute Crafts)

Good YouTube Names are Catchy and Memorable 

Being your key marketing tool, your channel name should be catchy, and interesting to whoever comes across it. People are usually impressed and captivated by names that integrate stylistic devices such as puns, rhyming and alliteration in a clever way, such as ‘Woke and Roll’ and ‘Juan in a MiMillio’

Make it Unique

Once you decide on a name for your channel, look it up on Google and social media platforms to see if it’s being used by another person, or resembles other names. You don’t want to use a name or phrase in your channel that’s already been owned by a different entity, as it could confuse your fans. 

Don’t Use Numbers 

For the most part, internet names that contain numbers such as email addresses, and social media handles, are often auto-generated, mostly due to many people already using the same name. For your YouTube channel name, avoid including numbers, as it could pass off as auto-generated and unoriginal. Further, a channel name like ‘cooknpaste541’ may be difficult to search, as one would need to remember all the numbers and their arrangement, which may be difficult for some people. 

Simplicity is King

Go for a name that is easy to pronounce, spell and remember for people of different ages, nationalities, and education levels. Names that consist of 2-3 simple phrases are much easier to understand and remember as compared to one complicated phrase. For instance, ‘Champagne Theorist‘ is more effective compared to ‘ChampagnatedTheorologist’ 

Use a YouTube Name Generator

In this list I made after researching different sources, you’ll find the best YouTube generators online to help you pick the best possible name for your channel and kickstart your success.

Final Words

YouTube has really grown as a platform over the recent years to the point where there are thousands of channels dedicated to almost every topic you can think of.

Paying attention to the little details – be it during shooting and editing your videos, or when naming your channel, is therefore crucial to rising above the competition and growing your brand.

Getting a good YouTube name is one way to capture people’s attention and lure them to your channel, where you can then convert them into loyal fans!

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