youtube video setup

How to Make a YouTube Video

Let’s learn how to make a YouTube video.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the number one video platform on the Internet so people upload videos there all the time. How to Learning how to make YouTube videos will give you great opportunities to advertise your business and to make money on the platform directly too.

youtube video setup

Have you always wanted to have your own vlog?

Getting started is not hard and it will be fun once you get used to it.

To beat the competition, you’ll need to follow the proper steps in creating a video on YouTube.

You are in luck because I’m going to enlist a step by step method on what you must do in order to become a successful video blogger.

Here are the steps:


The first step is to choose the right tools to create your videos. You can either use a video camera or a smartphone and let me tell you a secret if you don’t have a camera or a fancy smartphone, don’t worry.

You can even use the camera on your laptop. A 4K video quality doesn’t matter, especially when you’re just starting out.

All have the different devices have advantages and disadvantages so better choose wisely. For a smartphone, you can bring it anywhere you want but the size of the video file is huge so you would need to transfer it to your computer immediately.

For a video camera, the quality is great but you will need to spend a lot on it so you would need to decide whether that is indeed the career path you are taking.

For a laptop, the set up is straightforward and it’s great for recording your screen when you’re making a tutorial for example. But you can’t use it for all the types of videos for obvious reasons.

YouTube Channel Topic and Resources

I’m assuming you already know what your YouTube channel is all about.
If you are still choosing your topic here are some ideas for you.

These are some of the most profitable YouTube channel niches.

There are a lot of topics that attract lots of viewers so you need to choose something you are passionate about. For example, some nice ideas would be doing instructional videos, reviewing movies, documenting trips, and so on. Read the full list here.

These are some of the best resources for planning your YouTube channel:

How to Make Your First Video

Start with how-to videos.

Simple tutorials, best tips and quick guides are the most searched videos on YouTube and will increase the chances for your video to be found.

According to this research, the majority of YouTube users click on a video because they’re trying to learn how to do something.

You don’t have to be an expert so stop worrying about it. As long as you know the basics of something you’re good to go. There are a lot of people out there that would pay to know what you know.

So stop procrastinating and start putting your content out there.

Write a Script

I don’t want you to be too formal here.

I will talk about how to make a super-detailed script in a future post but again, in this phase and for your first videos I’d like you to be as natural as possible and don’t follow too many rules.

In general, a good video is made of an intro, body, and outro. So, for now, try to stick to these three sections and write as you were speaking to a friend. Be conversational.

If you have already written a blog post about your video, you can start from that. Make a summary of the main topics and write your script so that you can convey the message in a clear and sensible way.

Lighting for YouTube Videos

Light is important but before you go and spend money on some crazy equipment let me tell you this.

You can simply choose to record your video making use of natural light. You just need to remember to not position yourself with the window behind you. When you are recording yourself, you can sit facing the natural light and not the other way around.

Filming the Video

Ok so, you have a video idea, you have a script, light is great, your device is fully charged (you wouldn’t want to run out of battery in the middle of the recording session) and it’s time to hit record.

First, schedule plenty of time and know that you might need to do multiple takes especially if you’re just starting.

Speak loud and clear and don’t rush. You can read your script a few times while you are in front of your camera to get more confident. Then try to speak without even looking at your script, as if you were chatting with a friend and don’t panic if you make mistake, you can remove parts and cut your video later when you edit it. 

When you record your YouTube video, be in a comfortable position. If you’re at home you can sit comfortably on a chair or on your couch. The more relaxed you feel the clearer will be your message.

If you’re making a screen record make sure that your desk is clean and use a video editor like Camtasia.

One more thing. Make sure you don’t reveal your personal information. It’s nice to tell your audience who you are and your full name but you don’t want the entire Internet to know your phone number. Besides, you would not want strangers to know where you live.

Audio Matters

One important aspect of a video is the audio quality. If you made a good video but the viewers can’t hear you then it would be useless. Therefore, it would be a great idea to purchase a microphone to record a good audio quality.

Once the microphone is on, you can be sure your voice is going to be heard loud and clear.

Again, it’s great to have good microphone but what I advise especially in the beginning is that you get started and don’t stop just because you think your audio is not perfect.

If you don’t have an external mic available it’s fine, use the internal microphone of your device. What you can do to improve the audio quality though is to make sure you stay away from noisy areas.

For example if you’re filming from home try to choose a room without too much noise coming from the street outside and try to speak loud and clear.

Don’t be a perfectionist at this stage. Content is king, remember.

Editing the Video

There are many excellent editing programs you can choose from that will allow you to add text and graphics like Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut.

Believe it or not, those programs are easy to use and it won’t be long before you get done with editing the video. See this list to find the best video editor.

Once you have made your choice, use the timeline view that will effectively tell your story. This is the part when you take out scenes that are irrelevant or add fades.

It is a lot of fun to edit videos as there are a ton of things you can add that would make it look better. Some great examples are a website URL, background music, and links to useful resources.

Capturing the attention of your audience in the first 30 seconds of your video is key. Add a simple intro that leads the viewers straight to the point. That’s why they’re there.

Uploading the Video on YouTube

Once you are done with the video, the next step would be to upload it on YouTube.

Of course, you would need to have an account on YouTube for this to happen. If you already have an existing Gmail account, then that would do.

Click the video camera icon on the upper right portion of the screen and a drop-down menu will reveal the upload video option. Click that and it will open a folder then you can look for the location of the video file that you wish to upload.

Before it gets uploaded, you will need to make a title and choose a thumbnail. Better think of a title that will make a lot of people click on the video and choose a thumbnail that best represents what the video is all about.

If you recorded and edited your video using your smartphone, you can also upload the video using the YouTube app. Once you clicked on the app, you can click on the Upload icon and choose the file you want to upload. After that, you can edit the length of the video if necessary and add some background music. The next step would be making a title and description for the video. Remember, the description is just as important as the title since readers would read the description to get an idea of what the video is all about. Thus, better summarize the premise of the video in just a few sentences. It is possible some viewers will read the description before they watch the actual video. Therefore, better observe proper grammar and punctuation. There are some software applications you can use that will automatically correct any grammar mistakes. 

How to Make a YouTube Video Best Tips

Now that you know how to make a video, you must keep in mind that the more you get used to the process, the faster it will be. Here are some extra tips:

  • Share it. Don’t forget to share your video on your social media channels so your fans will be able to stay connected with you.
    They can give you feedback so you know areas you can improve on. They can also contact you in case they want to make any suggestions.
  • Always remember to watch the video before uploading it since you may want to add a few finishing touches to it. You can also get the opinion of a trusted friend so she can make some suggestions as to what you can add.
  • Rank your video. Make sure your video can be found when people search for a related topic. Here you can find some of the best tools to grow your channel


There are a lot of full-time video makers who make a living out of doing something they enjoy.

If you want to become a YouTuber, learning how to make YouTube videos is only the first step. The next steps are to learn how to grow your YouTube channel and how to make money on YouTube.

There’s a reason why there are many people who want to become YouTubers. It can be a really fulfilling career but you have to take the right steps.

I’ll pass it over to you now.

What will be your first video about?

Write in the comments below right now.

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