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How to Choose The Right YouTube Backdrop

As a YouTuber, you already know that you need to shoot high-quality content to gain and maintain a following.

And you will also note that most self-help or how-to articles for YouTubers focus on things like camera, lighting, and editing techniques when discussing video quality and rightfully so. 

youtube backdrop

It’s not possible to shoot all your videos outdoors for various reasons and thus, depending on where you are, you may need a backdrop for your indoor shots. This means you have to think of something other than your video content and the lighting. You need a backdrop for your videos.

Moreover, using the wrong backdrop can clash with your lighting and camera colors and mess up your video. That is why it’s important to only buy a backdrop after taking into account the type of equipment you have, and your vlog’s primary theme and colors.

That being said, good backdrops for YouTube are not cheap or readily available, so if you don’t know where to look, the search could be frustrating.

In this article, we’ll look at why video backdrops are important, and different vlog backdrop ideas for YouTube.

Why is a YouTube Backdrop Important?

Humans are typically attracted to colorful things, and they also easily notice moving objects. This explains why videos are the most effective marketing, entertainment, and teaching tools. In this case, using a good video backdrop for your vlog is very much advisable, and in a way, quite lucrative. 

For one, moving or colorful video backgrounds will attract your channel visitor’s attention, and make them stay longer on that particular video. Secondly, backdrops symbolize professionalism – that you care enough about your videos that you went to an extra length.

Last but not least, they give your videos a modern, artistic feel, which further adds to the authenticity you are undoubtedly searching for. 

Video Backdrop Options on Amazon

I did some shopping around on Amazon and found the following 10 affordable backdrops for YouTube videos that could improve your video shoots:

Tan Backdrop Khaki Wood Colour Painted Muslin Backdrop

Tan Backdrop Khaki Wood

Find on Amazon

Contains rich and natural color combinations that add depth to your shoots and give them a classic touch. 

Black YouTube Backdrop Travel Kit

Tan Backdrop Khaki Wood

Find on Amazon

This plain black backdrop it’s a bit expensive, but it’s portable and easy to set up, which means you can carry it around and shoot.

Lemonade Seamless Paper from Savage

Paper Lemonade YouTube Backdrop

Find on Amazon

This paper provides a flawless, even, and non-reflecting backdrop for all sorts of photography. It comes in a multitude of sizes, with a standard sided roll. 

KonPon Wood YouTube Backdrop

KonPon Wood YouTube Backdrop

Find on Amazon

This YouTube backdrop is perfect for stylish shots. It’s made of a fabric/plastic texture and it does come folded up. It’s light and it looks very realistic.

Qian Wooden Floor Background

Qian Wooden YouTube Backdrop

Find on Amazon

They say that whenever in doubt, go for a wooden background and this simple and affordable backdrop should definitely be among your options. 

UTOPP 2 Pack Gold Foil Fringe Curtains YouTube Backdrop

UTOPP Gold Foil YouTube backdrop

Find on Amazon

This colorful tinsel curtain backdrop is a great option when you’re going for a party or funky theme in your video. 

Different YouTube Backdrops for Different YouTube Channels

The backdrops listed above are paper backgrounds, which are the most common type of backdrops as they’re cheap, customizable, and easy to install. However, depending on your channel content and theme, you might also want to consider other types of backgrounds such as:

  • Natural Backgrounds – This typically includes backgrounds like trees, mountains, waterfalls and beautiful vegetation. If you are a travel, or lifestyle vlogger, or whatever else your niche is, your channel would greatly benefit from a few videos with magnificent natural backdrops. 
  • Whiteboard – If you are a tutor, or make educational videos, you will notice that using whiteboards as your backdrops makes your videos fit perfectly with your channel niche. It also gives off professional and elegant feels, although admittedly, it could mess with your lighting. 
  • Office Background – Recording your vlog in your actual office, with people moving about in the background is one way to create an authentic and unique experience. It gives your video a spontaneous feel, which is rather important if you’re a lifestyle, or analytical vlogger. Nonetheless, office backdrops are not exactly the most popular backdrops for YouTube videos as they often need specific lenses (to blur background scenes). 

Bright Colors for Your YouTube Backdrop

Bright colors include white, red, yellow or orange. They make for some amazingly colorful backgrounds, but can cause color reflections and make you (or your subjects) appear in bad light. This is especially so when there’s a color clash between your outfit and the color of the backdrop. 

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like gray, and dark blue are better suited to serve as backdrops as they don’t easily clash with other colors, or cause color reflections. 

Patterns and Prints

Sometimes, plain colors may seem tacky or may interfere with your lighting. In such cases, you may want to go for backdrops with patterns and prints, preferably the ones that mix neutral colors and bright colors. Color reflections are minimal with patterned and printed backdrops, and they usually look creative and co. 

How to Mount Your YouTube Backdrop

Most of the backdrops we have highlighted are made of paper, and mounting them shouldn’t be hard. All you need to mount a standard backdrop is two light stands and a crossbar in the absence of which you can just stick them to a wall using tape or glue. 

A Natural Backdrop

All said and done, shooting videos in the great outdoors still trumps indoor shoots by far. All you need to do is plan your shoot to fall within a time where the natural light is at its best. Further, do some location scouting before any outdoor shoot to ensure that your natural backdrop is the best you can get. 

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