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100 Trending YouTube Challenges To Do In 2020

Looking for some YouTube challenges to do to grow your audience?

Get ready for a long list of ideas for your inspiration!

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YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular entertainment platforms. It brings together content creators, who get a chance to directly profit from their work, and consumers who get to access all their favorite video content for free.

Occasionally, a video challenge will take over YouTube, attracting lots of vloggers and video makers who try to ride the wave by posting their personal attempts, which can make for some fun, and sometimes weird, entertainment.

These YouTube challenges take many different forms and have varying end goals, with some being for good causes while others are just for laughs and personal glory. I did some research and almost 20 hours of watching videos to find the best challenges and I put together this list.

Whether you are looking to have a good laugh, learn something or grow your channel, here are 100 amazing YouTube Challenges you will love. 

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1. Lamborghini Challenge

Admittedly, this is not a challenge you may be able to attempt, unless you’re filthy rich, or have rich friends. The challenge was invented by MrBeast, a famously flashy YouTuber, and involves contestants putting one of their hands on a Lamborghini’s body, with the last to remove their hand winning the car!

2. Slime Pit Challenge

Also started by MrBeast, this challenge requires contestants to stand waist-deep inside an extremely cold slime pit for as long as they can, with the last to leave winning a grand prize. Apart from the cold water, contestants have to endure the strain on their legs for hours on end.

3. Tesla Challenge

This challenge was also started by MrBeast and pits multiple contestants, who are put inside a Tesla and have to stay there as long as they can. The last person to leave the car wins it. 

4. Say PewDiePie YouTube Challenges

In 2019, two popular YouTube channels; PewDiePie and T-Series were trying to outdo each other’s subscriber numbers. As a way of helping his friend, PewDiePie, gain more subscribers, popular vlogger MrBeast took on a challenge where he had to say the name PewDiePie 100,000 times on camera. The video lasted over 12 hours and propelled MrBeast to even higher levels of stardom.

5. Bean Boozled Challenge

This game is popularly regarded as the Russian Roulette Candy. To get started, you only need to buy a packet of BeanBoozled Jelly Beans. Each flavor therein is represented by two identical beans, one of which tastes great and the other very sour. However, you can’t tell which is which until you eat the beans. If you want to eat the tasty Jelly Beans flavours, you have to risk getting some sour ones too.

6. Cinnamon Challenge

This is one of the most popular YouTube Challenges at the moment, probably because it’s relatively cheap and easy to try. To ace it, you have to record yourself downing a spoonful of cinnamon in under a minute without taking anything else. 

7. Gallon of Milk Challenge

This challenge is geared towards challenging a common scientific notion that a person can’t drink a gallon of milk in an hour without vomiting it all. Whoever is able to do so successfully wins the challenge.

8. Chubby Bunny YouTube Challenges

In this challenge, you put an increasing number of marshmallows in your mouth and say the word ‘Chubby Bunny’ every time you add another marshmallow. The person who can put more Chubby Bunnies in their mouth before they can’t say the word anymore wins the game.

9. Eat It or Wear It Challenge

This is a potentially messy, but fun challenge to try with your best pals. You only need to get a bunch of each other’s least favorite foods and pack them in labeled khaki bags. Put the bags’ numbers in a bowl where each player will randomly pick one at a time. Picking a given number means you have to eat the food it represents, otherwise you get to have it applied on your body! 

10. Tin Can Challenge

In this challenge, participants buy a collection of tinned foods and remove all the labels off. To gain a point, each participant needs to eat the contents of a given tin and name the food contained while blindfolded, and with their noses covered. 

11. Ghost Pepper Challenge

This challenge involves chewing and swallowing an entire ghost pepper, and then uploading a video of your reaction. It is definitely not a challenge you may want to try unless you can withstand the taste of hot pepper. 

12. Baby Food Challenge

Here, participants need to correctly identify different types of baby food by eating a spoonful of each while blindfolded.

13. Smoothie YouTube Challenges

For this challenge, an equal number of yummy and gross foods/ingredients are collected and enclosed in labeled bags. Participants randomly pick numbers representing the bags from a bowl in turns until all numbers are taken. In the end, each one has to make a smoothie with all the items they collected, with the sweetest smoothie winning the challenge. 

14. McDonald’s Roulette Challenge

As the name suggests, this challenge involves driving to a McDonald’s Drive Through and ordering exactly what the last person ordered. For multiple challengers, the person who gets the lowest price wins. 

15. Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge

Two covered plates are arranged next to each other, one containing a gummy version and the other the real version of that particular food. The player has to pick one of the plates and eat whatever is inside the plate they choose, even if it’s a spider!

16. 10,000 Kcal Calories Challenge

As a disclaimer, this challenge could potentially mess your waistline and metabolism too. It involves gobbling up 10,000 calories within a day, which is A LOT of food. The rules of this challenge are pretty easy: Simply measure the calories of all the foods you get and eat them on camera.

17. Big Meal Challenge

There are several variations of this challenge, but generally, it requires participants to devour the biggest meal they can find in a given restaurant. The first person to finish wins the challenge. 

18. Hungry Hippo Challenge

This is quite a simple but challenging task.

Basically, some small foods (mostly jelly beans) are put in a plate, and you have to pick as many pieces as you can using your mouth only – no hands!

19. Brand Name vs Generic Brand Challenge

For this challenge, participants taste two foods, one being a well-known brand and the other a cheaper off-brand version, and they have to distinguish between the two just from their tastes.

20. Pizza Challenge

This challenge requires participants to pick some unknown ingredients (a mixture of sweet and sour) at random, which they then have to use as toppings for their pizzas. A neutral judge tastes all the pizzas and determines whose pizza is the sweetest and consequently, the winner of the challenge.

21. Nintendo Switch Challenge

If you’re an avid gamer, this is one challenge you might want to try. Just get a Nintendo Switch and record yourself playing a game with your friend. Whoever wins more rounds wins the challenge.

22. Extreme Sour Candy Challenge

For this challenge, a bunch of competitors go up against each other to find out who can eat the largest amount of very sour candies within the shortest time. 

23. What’s In My Mouth Challenge 

This is the most ideal challenge to try with your partner or best friend. They need to buy or prepare foods that you don’t normally eat, and then feed them to you while you’re blindfolded. To gain points, you are required to accurately guess the name of each of these foods.

24. Pancake Art Challenge 

This challenge is all about testing how many different shapes and styles of pancakes you can effectively prepare. Ideally, you can use various food colors to make your pancakes more colorful and pleasant. 

25. Cake Challenge

Cake baking often follows a certain methodology, depending on the type of cake. However, this challenge is all about improvisation. A number of ingredients are put in bowls and you have to use whatever items you pick (at random) and bake a cake with them. 

26. Oreo Challenge

If you have a sweet tooth, you will no doubt love this challenge! You are only required to purchase different flavors of oreo, then give each participant a piece of every flavor – while they’re blindfolded. The person with the most correct guesses gets to win the challenge.

27. Saltine Challenge

Saltine crackers are known for their dehydrating qualities, and in this challenge, you get to test your saliva levels by downing 6 crackers in 60 seconds without sipping any liquid. 

28. Chapstick Challenge

Now, this is a challenge better done with your significant other as it may turn PG. Get different flavors of chapstick, and apply them interchangeably, and have the other person try to guess which flavor it is through kissing your lips. 

29. Exploding Watermelon Challenge

Buy a normal-sized watermelon and a bunch of elastic bands. Wrap as many elastic bands as you can around the fruit until the pressure gets too much and it explodes. 

30. Singing Gargle Challenge

Can you sing your favorite song a mouth full of water? To find out, sip some water then gargle it in your mouth and try to sing any of your favorite songs. You will only win the challenge if you can sing comfortably without spilling the water! 

31. Try Not to Sing Challenge

Would you stop yourself from singing along, or dancing to the beat, when one of your favorite songs comes on? This challenge, which is best played with your best mates, gives you a chance to find out! 

32. Egg Roulette Challenge

Here, a mixture of hard-boiled and raw eggs is put in a bowl or roulette wheel, such that the number of hard-boiled eggs is double that of the raw ones. Thereafter, each contestant has to break whichever egg they pick over their heads, with the person who gets more raw eggs losing the challenge. 

33. Cheez-It Challenge

Participants compete to find out who can finish a pack of Cheez – its as simple as that! 

34. Chicken Nuggets Challenge

There are different variations of this challenge on YouTube. However, the most popular version involves participants being blindfolded and then fed with chicken nuggets from various outlets like McDonald’s, PopEye’s, etc. Thereafter, they are required to guess outlets where each nugget comes from. The person with the most accurate guesses wins.

35. Condom Challenge

Don’t mind the name, this challenge is not PG-rated! It’s all about filling up a condom with water then dropping it onto your friend’s head to see how they’ll handle it. 

36. Korean Spicy Challenge

This challenge is all about finding out who can eat the most Korean Spicy Noodles within the shortest time possible. You might need to keep lots of water near you while doing this challenge, just in case the pepper gets too hot.

37. Branded vs Cheap Food Challenge

Participants are blindfolded then fed two similar foods; one branded and the other a cheap version. To win the challenge, you are required to correctly distinguish between the two. 

38. Girlfriend/Boyfriend Tag Challenge

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, this challenge could help you know more about each other and increase your bond. Separately brainstorm and write some questions for each other, such as “when did you know I’m the one”, and ask them on camera. 

39. Best Friend Tag Challenge

Similar to the above challenge, the best friend tag involves two best friends coming up with interesting and funny questions about each other, and each has to honestly answer questions directed to them on camera.

40. Say Anything YouTube Challenges

The ideal number of players for this particular challenge is 2, but you can choose to have more. Essentially, every player has to say a word when their turn comes. Any form of hesitation or repetition attracts a (predetermined) penalty.

41. Try Not to Forget Challenge

Participants are shown a short video containing a lot of facts. Thereafter, each person is asked several questions on the video, to which they have to give specific answers. The contestant with the most right answers wins the challenge and bragging rights. 

42. Try Not to Laugh Challenge

This is quite a popular challenge, both on YouTube and offline, mostly because it costs nothing to do. Simply gather the funniest videos you can get your hands on and try to avoid laughing when watching them. 

43. The Disney Challenge

We’ve all watched a Disney movie or two when we were kids, whether it was Aladdin, The Lion King or The Little Mermaid. This challenge seeks to test how much you remember the soundtracks of your favorite Disney shows. To play, collect songs that appeared in popular Disney flicks and have your friend guess which shows each song was featured in.

44. Internet Slang Challenge

How good is your knowledge of popular internet slang words and phrases? Find out by trying this challenge. Your partner will pick commonly used words and phrases from the internet slang dictionary, Urban Dictionary, then ask you their meanings. You get a point for every correct answer you give.

45. Cotton Ball Challenge

Hold an empty bowl, or tray over your head and one full of cotton bowls on your lap, or table. Tell your partner to blindfold you and give you a spoon, then try to put as many cotton balls as you can into the bowl on your head. Let your friend try it too, and whoever collects the most balls wins. 

46. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

This challenge essentially needs two people, one person who’s makeup is going to get done, and the makeshift makeup artist, who will be blindfolded and have to rely on their hands and muscle memory to paint the other person’s face. It’s quite a fun concept to try with your best friend or partner. 

47. Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

Almost all straight YouTube couples have done this challenge, which mostly results in some wildly entertaining moments. Typically, a boyfriend tries to do their girlfriend’s makeup on camera. If he’s not a makeup guru, the final outcome can be awkwardly funny. 

48. Touch My Body Challenge

This is another challenge that should preferably be tried by couples only, as it could turn risqué very fast. In essence, one partner gets blindfolded and has to touch the other person’s body and correctly identify the part they’ve touched. 

49. Speed Drawing Challenge

The rules for this challenge are: have more than one contestant, and a neutral judge. The judge names an object and the participants have to draw it within 3 seconds. The best drawing wins.

50. Fantastic Gymnastic Challenge

The Fantastic Gymnastic Challenge is basically the board game version of the Flip the Bottle Challenge. The goal is to flip the “gymnastic” in a way that it still lands on an upright position. 

51. The Whisper Challenge

This challenge typically puts your hearing power to the test. To get started, you need to put on some headphones with music playing. Thereafter, your partner will whisper something, and you have to pick out what they’re saying to gain points. 

52. 7 Second Challenge

Another simple and fun challenge that you can do with a friend, or even your partner. Essentially, your partner will give you a simple task and you have to do it within 7 seconds.

53. Whipped Cream Challenge

This challenge can take many forms. However, it fundamentally involves participants who ask each other questions, and whoever gives a wrong answer gets a face full of whipped cream. 

54. Blindfolded Drawing YouTube Challenges

This challenge requires at least two players to be correctly implemented. One player blindfolds the other and tells them what to draw. The person with the best drawings wins the game. 

55. Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge

Your friend or family member will prepare different meals of their choosing, without involving you anywhere in the process. Thereafter, they will blindfold you and feed you each of the meals. As a participant, you are only required to guess (correctly) the name of each meal fed to you.

56. Drunk Drawing Challenge

For this challenge, players need to first get reasonably drunk, then attempt to draw each other as accurately as possible. Whenever one makes a mistake, they have to take a shot before they delete it, which may make them even more drunk. 

57. 100 Layers of … Challenge

For this challenge, think of anything, whether it’s clothes or face-masks, that you can wear 100 layers of without help. 

58. Tiny Hands Challenge

In the original Tiny Hands Challenge you need to wear super small hands and try to complete as many challenges as you can.

59. Not My Legs Challenge

This is identical to Not My Hands Challenge, with the only difference being the use of the legs instead of the hands. 

60. Not my Arms Challenge

To do this challenge, you need to have a friend standing behind you and extend their hands in front of you. In turn, you have to put your hands completely behind you and pretend that your friend’s hands are your hands. Now, use your new “hands” to do things like apply makeup, explain things, cook, etc.

61. Roast Yourself Challenge

This challenge has no precise rules. Created by the famous YouTuber nigahiga, it consists of making fun of yourself. YouTubers make a diss track using self-deprectaing hnumor as inspiration for their lyrics.

62. Floor is Lava Challenge

This challenge requires players to pretend that the floor is hot lava. They, therefore, need to find ways to move around without touching it. It’s a really fun challenge that you can do anywhere with your friends. 

63. Yoga Challenge

If you’re a yoga fanatic, this is a challenge you’ll unquestionably love. To participate, go online and pick some relatively difficult yoga poses then try to recreate them. 

64. Cling Film Challenge

Participants’ faces are securely wrapped in cling film, and the first one to free themself wins the challenge. While at it, exercise maximum caution, since the film can cause suffocation if it is wrongly wrapped. 

65. 100 T-Shirts Challenge

This challenge primarily dares you to wear 100 T-shirts at once. Do it with your friends and see who can achieve this not-so-easy feat in the shortest time.

66. Speech Jammer Challenge

For this challenge, put on your headphones and play a loud or irritating sound that’s hard to talk over, and then attempt to talk to your friend. 

67. Accent Challenge

Requires at least two participants to pull off. The active participant will randomly select a paper detailing which accent to speak in, as other participant tries to identify what accent it is. 

68. Speech Jammer Prank Call Challenge

Participants in this challenge wear headphones that are connected to a speech jammer, which pretty much makes it difficult to track their speech. They then need to make a call to a particular person or business and give the receiver a specified set of details. Of course, it’s hard to concentrate and remember details if your auditory perception is delayed, but that’s the goal of this challenge. The person who makes a call and gives the required information to the receiver within the shortest time wins the challenge. 

69. Worst Hotel in City Challenge (going to the worst rated place in the town)

For this challenge, you need to pick the absolute worst hotel in your city and spend a night there. Document your experiences for your friends and fans, and give a review of the hotel. 

70. Backward Word Challenge

To do this challenge, you need to download an app such as Reverse Talk, that listens to, and converts words you speak backward. Thereafter, pick various words that you feel you can say backward, and use the app to check if you’re correct. If you are playing with friends, whoever gets the most words right wins the challenge. 

71. Duct Tape Challenge

You get to win this challenge if you can restrain your opponent with duct tape in such a way that they can’t free themselves. It is both a potentially fun and a bit dangerous challenge, and if you want to take part in it, make sure you follow all the necessary precautions. 

72. Guess the Song Challenge

Don’t you like YouTube challenges to play with a friend? Basically, you take turns playing different songs, and the other person has to guess the title and artist for each song. The person with the most correct answers wins. 

73. Pringles Challenge

To play this challenge, buy all the flavors of Pringles you can get. Taking turns, blindfold each other, where the blindfolded person eats some Pringles, and they have to guess the flavor. Ok I want some Pringles now.

74. Guess the Video Game Song Challenge

If you’re a gamer, this challenge is definitely a must-try! Simply have someone play songs from different video games, and thereafter, guess (correctly) which games the songs were featured in. 

75. Guess the Youtuber’s Voice Challenge

I like YouTube challenges that involve other creators. One person plays a small snippet of a popular YouTuber, and the other needs to guess the YouTuber’s name and channel. 

76. The Dizzy Challenge

In this challenge, participants have to spin until they get dizzy. Thereafter, they are asked to do some tasks and get awarded for every successful task performed. 

77. Going to the Worst Rated Place Challenge

Find an establishment – whether a hotel, barbershop, carwash or salon – with the worst ratings, (you can get this from Google, Yelp or word of mouth) and pay them a visit. While there, pay for a service and document your experience. 

78. Hoverboard Challenge

You need at least two hoverboards – and players – for this challenge. Then you have to try to ride the hoverboards with one foot in your friend’s hoverboard and the other on yours, and vice versa. 

79. Going to the Best Rated Place Challenge

Use Google Maps, Yelp, or ask other people about the best establishments in your area and pay them a visit. Video your experience and give your own personal review. 

80. Youtube Innuendo Bingo Challenge

The participants in this challenge sit facing each other with mouthfuls of water and listen to snippets of famous YouTubers spitting innuendos. Whoever laughs first and spills the water in their mouth loses the challenge. 

81. What’s in the Box YouTube Challenges

Fill up a box with items of different shapes, sizes, and texture, then close it and cut small holes on the sides. Have your partner insert their hands into the box and guess what’s inside just by feeling the objects. 

82. Heads Up YouTube Challenges

In this challenge, you get to explain the characteristics and or features of a person, animal or object to the other player, who’s then required to guess the name within 60 seconds. 

83. Water Bomb Challenge

Here, participants fill up a water balloon with water (duh!) and place it inside a plastic grenade-like ball that releases a pin at random intervals. They then play a game, such as saying the names of countries or Disney movies, while exchanging the ball until the pin is released and the balloon inside bursts. The person in possession of the ball at that time loses points. 

84. Ice Bucket Cold Water YouTube Challenges

For this challenge, you need a bucket fuul of cold water and pouring on yourself. At some point a couplde of years ago this challenge went viral even among celebrities and business people all around the world.

85. Shock Ball Challenge

One of the funniest YouTube challenges. A shock ball is fundamentally an electrified ball that lets out shocks at random intervals when turned on. Participants then move the ball between them (like in the water bomb challenge) and whoever gets shocked loses. 

86. Lego YouTube Challenges

As the name suggests, this challenge involves building various objects using Lego toys. The participant who builds the stipulated object within the shortest time wins. 

87. Potato Carving YouTube Challenges

If you consider yourself crafty, this is a challenge you might want to try, or at least watch. It typically involves two participants, where each tries to cut and carve a potato, such that it takes the shape and form of the other person. The best impression wins.

88. Pinhead Balloon YouTube Challenges

Participants compete on who can pop the most helium-filled balloons (placed above them) using sharp pins placed on their heads. Everyone gets one chance to jump and pop a specific balloon. 

89. Cook-a-Meal Challenge (Dollar Store Meal)

If you love cooking, this YouTube challenges would be a great way to show off your cooking skills. Essentially, challenge your friends or family members to a competition on who can cook the most delicious meal using ingredients purchased at a dollar store. 

90. Q-tip Dart challenge

If you have some white t-shirts that you don’t wear often, you can use them for this challenge. Draw some targets on two t-shirts, wear one and give a friend the other. Then take turns aiming at the targets on each other’s t-shirt using q-tip darts. 

91. Lie Detector Challenge

You need to have a working Lie Detector to attempt this challenge. Get a friend or family member and take turns asking each other intrusive questions while strapped to the machine, and see who gets caught lying the most times. 

92. What’s the Scent Challenge

One player is blindfolded and has to guess the names of various items just by being made to smell them. The item in question doesn’t have to be a perfume or anything with a strong scent. It could be a phone, a fruit, or even a shoe! 

93. No Thumbs Challenge

This challenge requires you to pretend you have no thumbs (tape them to your palms) and then go ahead and perform some stipulated tasks such as writing your name and texting. 

94. Obey the Cards Challenge

This challenge is based on a board game called Quelf, which basically consists of a bunch of cards that contain various instructions. To gain points, players have to obey the instructions on every card that they draw. Failure to do so results in a predetermined penalty.

95. 24 Hour Challenge

Here, participants undertake to spend a full 24 hours in one place (with minimal movements). Notably, carrying out this challenge in stores and malls can put you at risk of arrest and eventual prosecution for trespassing, so it’s advisable to only do it within your home or car. 

96. Ice Cream Tasting Challenge

You need to have at least two players to undertake this challenge. One person gets blindfolded and fed various Ice Cream flavors, one at a time. They need to correctly guess the name of each flavor to gain points.

97. The Pause YouTube Challenges

This is a game where participants have their lives paused for up to 60 seconds at random moments. While in-game mode, you have to maintain the pose you were in for an entire minute after your friend says the word ‘pause’. Painful, eh? 

98. The Brain Freeze Challenge

This challenge is all about testing how fast you can think while your butt is literally freezing. To do it, arrange ice cubes on the floor of a tub and have your friend sit on them. Then, ask them a given number of questions, and they can only get out of the tub if they answer them correctly. 

99. Water Bottle Flip YouTube Challenges

As the name suggests, this challenge requires you to flip a water bottle up or down with the aim of having it land in an upright position. 

100. Chopsticks YouTube Challenges

This last challenge is very straightforward and doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. You only need a bowl of beans, empty plates, and some chopsticks. Use the chopsticks to lift the beans from the bowl to fill up the plate as fast as you can. 

Before You Go

I hope you can find some inspiration for your YouTube challenges in this article.

Over to you now.

If you liked this list, let leave a comment below and let me know what’s your favorite YouTube challenge right now.

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