YouTube Channel Ideas

Top 21 Most Profitable YouTube Channel Ideas

Here are some of the best YouTube channels ideas to get inspired for your new channel.

If you are new to YouTube and vlogging, then you are probably struggling to get the best ideas for your YouTube channel.

The good news is that you are not alone! 

Both novice and experienced vloggers face numerous challenges running their YouTube channels. This is mainly because most YouTubers lack the necessary ideas and inspiration to create fresh and captivating content that can attract and retain new viewers. 

YouTube Channel Ideas

Moreover, competition on YouTube is fierce, and only the most creative vloggers ‘make it’ on this platform. Therefore, in order to beat the competition and win new followers, you have to come up with unique ideas for your channel. 

Here are the top YouTube channel ideas that you should try out right now.

How to Choose Your YouTube Niche

Before we start it’s important that we take a moment to talk to you about some important factors to take into consideration when starting a new YouTube channel.

As YouTube, itself says in the YouTube Creator Academy, finding the right niche is fundamental for the success of your channel.

Finding your niche is key since the right YouTube channel topic can make you stand out from the competition and determine the success or failure of your channel.

If you want to learn how to become a YouTuber, choosing the right topic is probably the most important step of your vlogging adventure.

So let me run you through you some of the best and most profitable YouTube Channel Ideas to help you out with your search.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas

Tech Reviews

Technology is advancing at a fast pace. In fact, hardly a week passes without the launch of a new tech gadget, PC device or smartphone. So, it makes a lot of sense if you vlog about new technology products. Besides, many people are hungry for content that will help them make wise decisions when buying gadgets.

Health and Fitness Tips

Health & fitness is one of the most popular niches and it’s worth trying out. After all, YouTube is usually the first stop for health tips and workout plans. Whether your channel is about losing weight, dieting or exercising, you can rest assured that you will gain new subscribers as long as you offer unique content.

Personal Vlogging

If you want to start simple and benefit from unlimited video ideas, then you can opt to create a personal vlog. Well, this channel idea revolves around sharing your personal story. You never know. What might seem ordinary to you might just turn out to be interesting to YouTube enthusiasts. Just take a look at what Casey Neistat was able to create with his vlog and get inspired.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are short vlogs of people unpacking and describing new products. From toys and electronics to fashion items and collectibles, new products hit the market every day, and viewers often look to YouTube to find out what these products are all about, this is one of the most profitable YouTube Channel Ideas.

Travel Vlogging

If you love traveling, then here’s your chance to document your adventurous trips and show off those epic destinations to other vacationers. Traveling is a popular niche on YouTube, and you can combine it with personal vlogging to make your channel more interesting.

Food & Restaurant Reviews

Wining and dining will always have a special place on YouTube. If your passion revolves around eating out and fine dining, then consider launching a YouTube channel on the same. You can start by reviewing nearby restaurants and eateries, before venturing to other towns and cities.

Self Improvement

Nearly everyone wants to become a better person, and there’s no better way to help them achieve their dreams than starting a self-improvement YouTube channel. 


If you have a few tricks up your sleeve that can help someone save time, money or do things easily, then starting a life hacks channel is worth the effort. The best part is that your hacks channel could be about anything, ranging from makeup hacks to DIY hacks.


Imagine earning top dollar by just recording yourself playing and reviewing the latest games. Some of the top YouTube earners are actually gamers. A good example is PewDiePie, who has a following of over 70 million subscribers. However, to make it in this niche, you have to be good at playing various games and recording commentaries.


Yoga is an activity that focuses on bettering your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Unfortunately, very few people know how to go about it. For this reason, it is not surprising that YouTube is fast becoming the online hub for yoga classes. 


Both amateur and professional photographers might want to look to YouTube for camera reviews, shooting techniques, street, travel photography and great photography ideas. With this in mind, starting a photography channel can prove to be helpful to this audience.

Celeb Gossip

Unbelievably, you can also gossip on YouTube and attract thousands of viewers. In any case, celeb gossip is one of the most popular niches on YouTube. The reason for this is that people do not want to be left behind when it comes to getting the latest news and gossip about their favorite celebs.

Cooking Videos

Watching cooking videos is more fun and easier than reading recipe books. For this reason, most people turn to YouTube to get ideas on how to cook different recipes. If you have a passion for cooking and sampling different recipes, then starting a cooking channel can be a profitable venture.


Some of the most followed channels are those that make people laugh. If you are creative and humorous, you can start a channel that revolves around pranks and spoofs. However, make sure that the pranks are harmless to avoid getting into trouble.

Makeup & Beauty

Teaching people how to apply makeup and look stunningly beautiful is another great idea that you should try out for your YouTube channel. Besides, you can review various beauty products, provide buying tips and advise people on how to use makeup products appropriately.

Blogging and Digital Marketing

Following the emergence of online marketing, everyone now wants to be a blogger. Unfortunately, most aspiring bloggers do not know where and how to start. You can take advantage of this opportunity by creating in-depth videos that talk about blogging and digital marketing.

Motivational Videos

Life can sometimes be harsh, sad or depressing, thus it is not surprising that many people turn to YouTube for inspiration. If you have the knack to inspire and motivate people, then you shouldn’t hesitate to record motivational videos on your channel. One inspirational video could lift someone from the verge of depression and attract a huge following to your channel.

Book Reviews

Believe it or not, bookworms also go on YouTube to catch up with the latest reviews on the various books they wish to buy. So, if you are a bookworm yourself and you enjoy reading books, you can share your views about the various books you have already read.

Magic Tricks

YouTube channels that share magic tricks have a huge online following, considering the fact that they are interesting and captivating. The best part is that learning various magic tricks is easy, and you can easily garner a massive following by wowing your audience and sharing some of these tricks on your channel.

Men’s Lifestyle

While beauty, fashion, and makeup are majorly considered a preserve for women, the men’s lifestyle niche is equally gaining momentum. Well, this niche talks about everything about men, from how to dress, how to match, to how to woo women. The coolest part is that you can make cash on the side by reviewing men-related products such as wallets, watches, shoes, and ties.


Sports lovers are quickly turning to YouTube as their favorite media platform for sports coverage. You can take advantage of this emerging interest by providing live-streams to various matches and duels. You can also decide to provide professional post-match analysis, video highlights, team news and transfer rumors to your audience.


Now that you have an idea of what to vlog about, you no longer have to struggle with your YouTube channel. You can quickly garner a massive following so long as you target the right audience.

Sounds good, right?

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