YouTube Subscription Button

How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Videos

The YouTube subscribe button is key to grow your channel.

You don’t necessarily need to add a YouTube subscription button to your videos. But if you do so, you certainly increase the chances of more people subscribing to your channel.

More subscriptions mean more views. And more views mean more ad revenue and/or exposure to your brand. Therefore, if your videos don’t have a subscription button yet, they should do moving forward. In this article, I’ll run you through all the things you should do to add the YouTube subscription button.

YouTube Subscription Button

Why Do You Need a YouTube Subscription Button?

Before we begin with the YouTube subscribe button embedding process, it’s important to understand why you need the embed subscription button in the first place.

Unlike a few years ago, people do not surf the Internet as much now to find their favorite content. People are now increasingly subscribing to streaming services, YouTube channels, and even getting on the RSS feeds of different websites. As a result, the content they need or would like to consume is coming to them. They are no longer going in search of them. 

If you want to become a YouTuber, getting subscribers to your content is not just handy but also necessary.

Unlike a random user, a subscriber has explicitly expressed interest in your offering and is, therefore, more valuable to your brand than any random visitor. A YouTube subscribe button makes it easy for your viewer to subscribe to your channel. And if a viewer liked your content but failed to subscribe, the embed YouTube subscribe button would act as a perfect reminder. 

A viewer who likes your content but doesn’t subscribe to your channel is not very likely to return and watch new or other videos on your channel, thanks to the mysterious YouTube algorithm.

Your channel content may or may not show up in the home feed of the user’s YouTube account. The number of YouTube channels already floating and newer channels cropping up in the dozens each day is another reason why you need people to subscribe to your channel. 

Steps to Add the Subscription Button

Now that you realize the significance of the YouTube subscribe button, let’s get on with the steps to add one. 

  • First, visit the YouTube site on your computer. You may launch your YouTube app too, but the smaller phone display size may hinder the process a bit.
  • Once you are on the site, log in to your account. Once logged in, take your mouse pointer to the top right of your screen and choose Creator Studio from the drop-down options available. 
  • When on the Creator Studio page, head to your screen’s left side and click on the Channel link and then Branding.
  • You should now be presented with the option to add your watermark. Go ahead and upload your watermark. 
  • Choose your display settings. Here, you can choose to show the image at the end of the video, during the whole video, or after a specific time duration. 

Kindly note, the image wouldn’t show instantly. You need to wait for anywhere between a few hours to a couple of days for the image to appear in your videos.

Also, the watermark image would automatically show up in all the videos you have previously uploaded and also in the videos that you’ll upload in the future. You need not manually upload the image every time you post a new video. If you have already uploaded a bunch of videos, this auto-upload feature would be a lifesaver. 

Subscriber Button Image Considerations

Your watermark image file should meet certain criteria. It should be in the GIF or PNG format; it must be less than 1MB in size; and have a minimum size of 150 x 150. The image file format recommended is PNG since the background in the image could be made transparent, thereby making the image a lot more attractive and also less intrusive. A solid background would take away from the intuitiveness of your video and will also be distracting. 

You can look for the image you need in Google Images or create your own using third-party software or tools. Canva is a great and easy-to-use design tool. When looking up images on Google, make sure you look for an image with a transparent background. Though you can always make an image transparent with editing, downloading an image that’s already transparent would help save some time and effort. Transparent images usually have a background with chequered squares. 

Another thing to look out for is copyright images. When searching for images in Google Images, make sure the ones you select are labeled for reuse. You can filter your Google Images search options to search for images that have no copyrights.

Always make sure you don’t use a copyrighted image or you will encounter issues later on.

Adding the YouTube Subscribe Button on a Website

Adding a YouTube subscription button is a unique way to increase your YouTube subscriber base from outside YouTube. And this subscription widget would work on pretty much any hosting platform, including Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix.

If you have a website and also a YouTube channel to market your offerings and/or service, having a link to your YouTube channel on your blog or website is a must. 

You might need a web developer to perform this task for you or find an easy to use plugin.

The Steps

  • Enter your YouTube channel name or username, channel ID or user ID.
  • Choose the preference and layout for the subscription button.
  • Google should now automatically generate your code. 
  • Copy the code and paste it into the backend of your website or your site’s HTML.

Kindly note, some website templates may require a few additional steps. If you are not sure what those additional steps entail, get in touch with your website developer. 

Terms of Use

Before you go ahead and add the YouTube subscription button onto your site, go through YouTube’s terms of use here. They are paraphrased below:

  • The YouTube subscribe button should be clearly visible on a web page. 
  • You should not offer rewards and prizes in exchange for a subscription. 
  • The button should not be used to save or track subscriber information. 


A YouTube subscription button embedded in your videos is a must, especially if your channel is new and aspires to grow big. You can still get new subscribers without the embed image. But then you would be taking the road less easy. And it absolutely doesn’t make sense to tread a difficult path when there’s an easier and quicker route available. 

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